5 Exotic Fruit Based Curries

Loaded with fresh herbs and spices as well as a variety of meats and vegetables, Indian cuisine gets the taste buds tingling for all the right reasons. From dishes that are slow-cooked in tandoori ovens to curries made from unique spice blends, there’s every reason to love Indian food. But have you ever tried an exotic fruit-based dish? Here are five of the most creative.

1. Kashmiri Fruit Curry

    You won’t often find a Kashmiri fruit curry on an Indian cuisine menu as it really is quite a unique taste. But if you enjoy sweet food, it’s sure to pique your interest. Originating from north-west India, this recipe includes apples and nuts and is topped with caramelised bananas. It can also feature mangoes, lychees and raisins.

    2. Fruity Chicken Korma

      London’s best curry houses serve up a delicious chicken korma where coconut is the star of the show. Coconut is an exotic fruit that features heavily in Indian cuisine. This dish can be made even fruiter by adding nuts, raisins and even dried mango. The sharp, tanginess of the fruit beautifully balances out the creamy sauce. If you’re making this at home, you can choose your favourite fruity addition.

      3. Sylheti Lebu Mosalla (S.L.M)

        At Little India in South Kensington, our menu features a dish called Sylheti Lebu Mosalla. This is made from meat cooked with a wild lemon known as ‘hatkora’ and a variety of fairly hot spices. It’s a speciality from the Sylheti Region, close to the northeastern borders of India, and really maximises the taste of fresh lemons. Boasting rich citrus flavours, this dish is highly sought after and subject to availability.

        4. Jackfruit Curry

          As the tropical jackfruit tree flourishes in Asia, communities often have jackfruits that need to be used up before they spoil. And so the jackfruit curry makes perfect sense. Made using warming Indian spices, jackfruit, sweet potatoes and coconut milk, this dish is delicious, flavoursome and good for the soul. Due to its dense, meaty texture, jackfruit is a great alternative to lamb, chicken or beef and can transform traditional meat dishes into vegetarian alternatives.

          5. Mango Chicken Curry

            Mango chutneys are very popular in Indian restaurants. But did you know that you can also make a mouthwatering curry from this delicious fruit? It features many of the same ingredients as a traditional curry including onions, garlic, chilli, cardamon, cinnamon, coriander, garam masala, tomato puree and coconut cream, with the addition of a fresh mango or mango puree. Restaurants sometimes offer fruity options on their specials menu, so it’s worth keeping a look out when dining at a popular Indian eatery.

            If you’re looking for Indian dishes full of flavour in the heart of London, don’t miss Little India, where we serve up a range of sweet, spicy, salty and even exotic fruity options. Book your table today if you’re visiting the big city or enjoy a takeaway in the comfort of your own home. We also offer catering options for events.