5 Tips for Choosing the Right Indian Caterer 

Choosing the right Indian caterer for your party or special event is an important decision. After all, if guests enjoy the food they’re more likely to remember the occasion fondly. Experienced caterers will also deliver a professional service and make sure everyone is catered for without hassle. So here are five tips for choosing an Indian caterer that ticks all boxes.

1. Sample the Food 

First and foremost, it’s important to sample both the popular Indian food offered by the catering company and any special dishes to see what you’d like served at your event – and ensure the food is up to standard. Make sure you’re happy with the spice blends, the tenderness of the meat and the heat of the sauces you choose. Feel free to make any requests such as an extra spicy alternative to milder dishes or a less spicy option for children.

Top Tip: Confirm that the catering team can accommodate vegetarian and vegan guests where necessary. Be sure to taste the meat-free options too and ask how everything is cooked to avoid contamination. 

2. Discuss Catering Style

Do you want a caterer that serves up different curries with a host of side dishes or were you hoping for more of a finger food buffet where people can help themselves to the treats they want? Be sure to communicate your wishes with the Indian catering company to see if they can provide the service you require. Ask if they will provide all the plates, cutlery and serving equipment too. How will the food be kept warm during your event?

3. Think About Budget 

How much do you want to spend on food and drink? This is something you need to know before looking for ‘Indian food catering near me’. While lavish feasts look great and are sure to impress guests, they’re more expensive than a smaller yet flavoursome menu selection. So work out your budget in advance and pick the best foods for your price range. 

4. Check Out Reviews 

When it comes to Indian food catering, your guests are likely to have high standards. After all, Indian food is well-known for its aromas, spice blends, Tandoori meats and delicious sauces – not to mention all the breads and starter options like samosas and onion bhajis. So to avoid disappointment, be sure to check out reviews online to gauge the satisfaction levels and experience of former clients. Personal recommendations from friends and family can also help you to find reputable caterers with a reliable track record.

5. Think About Setting

Indian catering for an event can take place at an Indian restaurant in a cosy and intimate setting. This allows the chefs to create hot, fresh dishes using tandoori ovens and other traditional techniques. Make sure you’re happy with the setting and ask for exclusive use of the restaurant – or a specific part of it. If you need caterers to come to you, make sure this is something they offer.

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