5 Tips To Pick An Indian Restaurant In London

“Are you a London resident craving Indian food? You have come to the right place then. Given a busy schedule, it may not always be possible to cook delicious Indian cuisines at home. But that does not mean you have to keep your taste buds in check. What are restaurants there for? Yes, yes we understand the current situation that is not helping to please your taste buds with a solid restaurant treat. But you have takeaways! The only work you have to do is choose a good Indian restaurant in London that can satisfy your palate without compromising your safety.

The following five tips will help you make that choice:

Shortlist a few names

If you know the restaurant, you will not have to do that, of course. But, if you do not, use the search engines to create a list of Indian restaurants in your area. You should visit the websites of each and go through all the information displayed. Select the best restaurant based on several metrics, like the diverse menu, reservation options, etc.

Review safety measures

These are difficult times, and there is not a shred of doubt about it. So make sure you go to a restaurant that has stringent precautionary measures in place, like sanitization, hand-washing, and masks. The managers and chefs should be in masks and maintain physical distance. However, if you are planning to take the food away, such measures will not be required. However, while searching, you will have to look for restaurants offering Indian Takeaway in London to be specific. Also, make sure you heat the food properly before devouring it.

Check the menu

The menu should be varied, and each cuisine should offer some details about the preparation to give the assurance of authenticity. Visit the official website of the restaurant and go to their menu. Check the details of preparation and see if those match your knowledge of Indian food. The names and their spellings also tell a lot about whether the restaurant offers authentic Indian food.

See the reviews

If the restaurant has an online presence, checking the reviews is a must. It will give you an idea about the restaurant’s reputation, costs of food and more. You may also get an idea about the customer services. One or two negative reviews are okay, but if the restaurant has more than 50% negative reviews, think before choosing.

Call the restaurant

Oh yes, you should do that for further affirmation about the behavior of the staff, and their service quality. You may argue that a phone call is not sufficient to get such ideas, but trust us, it is. Talking to a person over the phone will either intrigue or repulse you. If it is the latter, you should better look for another option. Your experience at a restaurant where they do not have good staff is unlikely to be positive.

If everything seems okay, the last thing you should consider is reservations. It is better to reserve your seat to reduce waiting times. Waiting in long queues outside the restaurant is not a good start. So do not leave any stone unturned to ensure an amazing dining experience. ”