Art and Culture: A Guide to Galleries and Studios Around Gloucester Road

If you’re heading to the capital and are a fan of art and culture, don’t miss a trip to Gloucester Road in South Kensington. As one of London’s most beautiful and exclusive areas, you’ll discover a host of incredible art studios, each offering a unique insight into some of the world’s best artists. Here’s a guide to some of the most interesting.

French Art Studio – 58 Gloucester Road 

Dedicated to promoting and showcasing talented French artists to a UK audience, French Art Studio brings the best of French contemporary art to London. The gallery’s mission is to help French artists gain the international recognition they deserve, while giving UK art enthusiasts the chance to admire spectacular artworks without travelling abroad. It’s a win-win situation.

Offering an intimate and friendly atmosphere, guests can enjoy art of all kinds, from paintings and drawings to sculpture and photographs. The studio is also close to popular attractions such as Hyde Park and Holland Park. Plus, there’s a Gloucester Road Indian restaurant nearbyif you need to refuel before you continue your gallery exploration.

Walton Gallery – 12 Gloucester Road 

Walton Gallery is yet another of Gloucester Road’s jewels. Home to a spectacular range of contemporary, original and fine art from a range of fantastic artists, this is a great place to visit if you’re in the area. It’s also just down the road from the studio above, so why not hop from one to the other and satisfy your love of art in style?

HackelBury Fine Art – 4 Launceston Place

This fine art gallery close to Gloucester Road champions artists who push the boundaries of visual arts to create meaningful and reflective work. Initially showcasing 20th century photography, it now exhibits more conceptual work from a range of contemporary artists, both established and emerging. Whichever exhibition you see, you’re sure to find something thought-provoking and inspirational. 

Marie Jose Gallery – 16 Victoria Grove

Representing artists from across the world, the Marie Jose Gallery offers a fabulous array of art, from colourful abstracts and beautiful skyscapes to vibrant sculptures and provocative line drawings. If you’re looking for work that both uplifts and energises you, don’t miss this gem on Victoria Grove, just a few minutes’ walk from Gloucester Road.  

Victoria & Albert Museum

While in Kensington, don’t miss a trip to the Victoria & Albert Museum. Located just a stone’s throw from Gloucester Road, this exciting attraction holds the secrets to  5,000 years of art from ancient times to the present day. With masterpieces from Europe, North America, Asia and North Africa, this is an art-lovers paradise. Expect to see some of the most famous work from Raphael, John Constable, J.M.W. Turner and a host of other global names.

Sightseeing is hungry work. So if you need something to curb your appetite, don’t miss the best restaurants near Gloucester Road – especially Little India. Indian Gloucester Road doesn’t get any better than this and you can enjoy all of your favourite dishes.