How often do most people have takeaways?

There’s nothing quite like ordering a takeaway. Knowing that you can enjoy delicious food without needing to cook it yourself – and without having to wash up afterwards – is a real treat. And with the rise of food delivery apps that mean we don’t even have to leave the sofa in order to get dinner, takeaway is more popular than ever. But how often do we as a nation have a takeaway? And what are our favourite cuisines to order in? Let’s take a closer look.

How often do we eat takeaway?

According to data published by Statista in September 2023, the frequency of our takeaway orders depends on our age. Data gathered in 2020 showed that for those aged 18 to 44, takeaway is something we treat ourselves to a few times a month. Those aged 45 and over, however, are less likely to order in.

Among people aged between 25 and 34, 31% have takeaway a few times a month, with 18% indulging once a week. Those aged 35-44 aren’t far behind, with 28% having a takeout a few times a month and 16% having it once a week. Conversely, people aged 65 or over tend not to eat takeaway at all, with 45% ordering in less than once a month and 23% never having a takeaway.

What’s our favourite type of takeaway?

It’s no secret that Brits have loved authentic Indian cuisine since the Victorian era. In fact, it remains one of our top takeout choices. In 2023, Savoo analysed monthly Google search volumes for takeaway-related terms and found that those related to Indian takeaway accounted for almost 13% of the total volume. A 2022 survey by Vodafone showed that people in the South East of England are particularly fond of good Indian food.

Alongside Indian, Chinese, fish and chips, and pizza had the highest takeaway-related search volumes. Chinese is a particular favourite for Scotland and the South West of England, while residents of the North East of England, East Midlands and Wales prefer fish and chips.

When do we get takeaway?

It will come as no surprise that, for most of us, takeaway is a weekend treat. For 30% of the respondents to Vodafone’s survey, Friday was the favourite day to indulge. With 25% of the votes, Saturday came a close second, while nearly one in ten (9%) a mid-week takeout was their preference.

Going direct

Although many people gravitate to delivery apps to order their takeaway, MoneySavingExpert found that it’s typically cheaper to order direct from the restaurant. And you can save on delivery fees by nipping out to pick your order up. It may not be much, but these days every little helps. So next time you’re in London searching for ‘authentic Indian cuisine near me’, consider calling the restaurant to place your order and then walking to get your food – you’ll be burning calories instead of burning cash.