Top 5 Healthy Indian Food Options 

Whether you go for an Indian takeaway or head to London for the best Indian food in South Kensington, you don’t have to worry about being overly unhealthy. While Indian cuisine isn’t renowned for being ‘diet friendly,’ there are dishes you can choose that are not only packed with healthy ingredients but are full of flavour too. Here are five to keep in mind.

1. Vegetable Curry

Jam-packed with a variety of vegetables such as carrots, cauliflower, peas and peppers, a vegetable curry is a mouth-watering choice for the health conscious. It’s also loaded with spices such as cumin, coriander, garam masala and a pinch of fenugreek, an aromatic blend that sings to your senses. When it comes to veggie curry, try to choose a tomato-based curry rather than a cream-based one for a healthier option.

2. Dal (Lentil Curry)

When you go to any Indian restaurant you’re sure to see a Dal dish on the menu. This is essentially a lentil curry. As lentils are rich in protein and fibre, this is perfect for anyone who is conscious of the things they eat. Dal is often served with rice or whole wheat roti, but you can also choose vegetable sides to reduce carbohydrates. Dal is also good for vegetarians as it doesn’t typically contain any meat.

3. Tandoori Chicken or Grilled Fish

If you’re trying to stay away from fried or saucy dishes that are packed with cream, butter and ghee, then tandoori chicken and grilled fish are low-fat, protein-rich options. Both are often marinated in yoghurt and spices making them tender and truly delicious. If you’re hungry, opt for a Tandoori Mixed Grill. This typically comes with a range of meat including lamb and chicken that have been cooked in the tandoori grill, as well as a tandoori king prawn. Again, this eliminates those heavier sauces. 

4. Saag (Spinach) Dishes 

If you’ve been pumping iron at the gym and want to build muscle, then saag dishes are for you. Made with spinach and other leafy greens, these dishes are loaded with protein, iron, vitamins and minerals making them a healthy choice. Saag Aloo means spinach and potatoes and this is a good option for those looking for low-fat dishes that will satisfy their appetite. 

5. Boiled Rice

One of the best ways to reduce the calorie count of your meal and avoid excess oil is to choose boiled rice over Biryani or fried rice. This might be on the plain side but it’s a great accompaniment to other, more flavoursome dishes. You may also be able to get brown rice (which is less processed than white rice and considered a ‘health’ food) or quinoa (a whole-grain rich in protein) as a healthy alternative.

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