The Top 5 Spiciest Curries

“Indian food is renowned for being among the spiciest around, and curry has a rich history that is bound up with the arrival of Europeans – particularly the Portuguese – to India. The link to curry in Britain was established when British bureaucrats came to India in the 19th century following the Indian Rebellion of 1857, and adapted local dishes to suit their palates. These evolved into the modern curry style dishes of today, and the recipes travelled back to Britain with the bureaucrats, leading to a lasting love of Indian food in the UK.

While the milder dishes such as korma and tikka masala are firm favourites, many of the spicier dishes are popular too. Here are the top five spiciest curries for heat-lovers to try, several of which are on the menu here at Little India.


Well known as one of the spiciest Indian dishes, Vindaloo can be found on most Indian curry house menus, and is Goan in origin with a Portuguese influence. It’s both hot and flavourful, bursting with garlic, ginger and red chilli, and is best made with chicken or mutton.

Naga Chicken

Naga chicken is made with one of the world’s hottest chilli peppers, the naga chilli. It has a unique heat that complements the aromatic spices – such as fenugreek and garam masala – of this dish perfectly. It’s a favourite for those who like their food super spicy – and not a choice for the faint hearted!


A popular option in many an Indian curry restaurant, Jalfrezi is considered one of the hotter curries. It originated in Calcutta and is made with both green chillies and chilli powder, which give it its heat. Unlike many Indian dishes, it is stir fried and has a thick, semi-dry texture. Indeed, the name ‘jalfrezi’ translates as ‘hot’ (jhal) ‘fry’ (fraizi).

Laal Maas

A speciality of Rajasthan, originating from a dish that warriors would eat on the move, laal maas is prepared with the mathania chilli, which gives it a rich, hot, smoky flavour. It’s slow cooked with raw spices and meat such as mutton, and best served with chapati or rice.

Kozhi Curry

One of the hottest curries to come out of Kerala, kozhi curry (also called nadan kozhi) includes both red and green chillies, which give it its fiery flavour. The meat is marinated in chilli powder, making it as spicy as the sauce, and the addition of black pepper and coconut produce a uniquely complex taste.

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