What Are Some Of The Health Benefits Of Indian Cuisine?


“Traditional Indian cuisine is said to be both healthy and tasty. Be it a bowl of daal, mixed vegetables, curries, and jeera rice, Indians cook their foods in style. They use a plethora of organic spices and herbs that not only make the dishes delectable but also offer several health benefits. For example, the turmeric powder that Indians use in most of their dishes has anti-inflammatory properties. It also strengthens the immune system and keeps harmful diseases at bay. So, if you have Indian food once in a while, you probably have a strong immune system than your peers.

This is not all. Let us tell you all about the amazing health benefits of devouring Indian cuisines. The next time you decide to visit an Indian restaurant in Kensington, the following information will also help you choose the right dishes.


Promote heart health

Certain veggies are cooked in delicious Indian spices that help keep your heart in good shape. Legumes, green veggies, like spinach, beans, lentils, whole grains, cooked with aromatic herbs also have powerful antioxidants that reduce oxidative stress in the body. Excessive free radicals in the body can lead to kidney and cardiovascular diseases, besides other issues. The antioxidants help flush out free radicals, thus promoting heart and kidney health.


Reduce cancer threats

Scientific researchers have proved that the spices and herbs, like black pepper, turmeric, basil, cardamom and more have anticarcinogens that reduce the risk of cancer development to some extent. These also have an impact on tumors, preventing their growth in some cases. These apart, the spices also promote digestion and help keep our system strong.


Unprocessed and well-cooked

Indian food is cooked from scratch, and most of the raw materials are organic and not processed. It is one of the biggest benefits of Indian dishes, as these foods do not have toxic chemicals that may harm the organs and organ systems. The foods are fresh, well-cooked by using unprocessed ingredients. No wonder the Indians are more immune to some infectious diseases. They have a better and long-lasting immune system.


Regulates blood sugar

Some Indian dishes are capable of regulating blood glucose levels, thus extremely beneficial for diabetics. Cauliflowers, snake gourd, sweet potato, spinach, cooked with spices and herbs can help keep your sugar levels in check. If you exercise regularly and follow An Indian diet, you may never experience a sudden spike in your blood glucose levels.


Strengthen brains and bones

Indian cuisines are said to be good for bone and brain health. They help prevent cognitive issues, like Alzheimer’s and improves clarity. They also help retain memory with advancing age. According to some nutritionists, an Indian diet can reduce the chances of dementia. Some Indian main course meals are prepared with dairy products, like milk and curd. These foods have a sufficient amount of calcium that helps keep your bones strong and even prevent osteoporosis.

If nothing else, Indian cuisines are delicious to devour on special occasions. If you are willing, look for an Indian Takeaway in Kensington for a special date or casual experience. Takeaway restaurants are safe for the moment if you are okay with it. Otherwise, you can also take all precautions and dine out occasionally.”